Weird Issue with Combination Meter/Dash Cluster

Discussion in 'Subaru Crosstrek' started by AdventuresInQuicksand, Sep 21, 2022.

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    Sep 21, 2022
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    I'm having a problem with my 2015 Crosstrek in that when I start the car, after the dash has done it's "start up sweep" and tested all of the lights and components... the middle display screen goes blank - or at least very dim - and the gauges stop working. The car drives just fine, but nothing is displayed. The turn signals will work, but the high beam indicator will not. I'm going to attach a video of the issue so everyone can see it.

    • I have checked the fuses both inside the car and under the hood.
    • I have unhooked the battery and reset the electronics that way.
    • Once the issue happens, pressing the "trip" knob will display mileage, but does not resolve the problem.

    I am willing to remove the cluster and check the connection, but don't know what I would be looking for... as the start up display actions work every time.

    Any advice or tips would be appreciated. I'm holding off on going to the dealer if possible, as I know the diagnostic time would probably add up quickly.

    Thanks for the help!!!

    AdventuresInQuicksand, Sep 21, 2022
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