Metallic Rattling Noise Under Weird Circumstances

Sep 18, 2022
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I have a 2016 Legacy 2.5i, and it's started making an extremely annoying metallic rattling noise. It sounds like a heat shield, but I had one replaced a few months ago and it made noises under really different circumstances. The first time I had a heat shield go bad, it rattled every time I started the car from a cold start, but the noise would go away almost entirely after 10-20 seconds.

This time, it's weirdly specific when the car wants to make this rattling. It always rattles below 2000 RPM, but just about never above that point. It rattles constantly while I'm accelerating, but if I let my foot off the gas, it'll quickly go away. If I have the car stopped, it makes the noise extremely loudly, but if I put it into park, it immediately goes away. It doesn't seem to start until I put it in drive or reverse (though it happens less in reverse). Here's a video so you can hear the noise:

Do you think this is just another heat shield issue, or could it be indicative of something else? Thanks!

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