My Subaru App

Nov 21, 2021
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My Subaru App is about to expire and I’m not real happy about having to pay $200 to renew. Has anyone found another app that would work with a 2021 Forester? I may just as well get a remote starter installed for the money to renew. I don’t really need my car monitored by Subaru for problems I can already see on my dash.
I have a 2018. But no app is worth that much money. I would recommend using automotive wolf at least to help with keeping track of maintenance items.
I only want it for pre-starting the car. I’ve got an appointment to get a remote starter installed.. My Ford has a free lifetime app. Definitely not worth the money Subaru wants. Thanks for the reply!
Just bought a 2024 forester touring. Suburu app was $105 for 3 years. Maybe because it's brand new. If renewal jumps up I will not renew
Mine was free for three years. In Canada it’s now $189 plus taxes a year. I called them and there are no deals to be had. I’m going to put a auto start system in the car now.

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