Timing Belt tensioner leak

Apr 23, 2024
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2010 Subaru Impreza was about to hit the 105k miles mark (168k km), so I figured I would pre-emptively source an OEM timing belt kit with exact OEM parts and just get it done and out of the way; one less thing to worry about.
Kit included all bearings, gasket, belt, NTN tensioner, water pump, thermostat etc

Had a reputable local shoppe install the parts.
2 years later I'm being shown by the current shoppe I frequent for routine maintenance that the tensioner is leaking. What are the chances of this? I'm skeptical it's a part failure. Could it be a mistake in installation? It was recommended on the box to first bleed the tensioner after receiving it from a shipment which i showed to the shoppe that accepted the install job with customer supplied parts.
just really bummed i tried to be proactive only for a presumably brand new part to fail and need to be replaced already.


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Is the oil bypass causing any issues? If not, you may want to try a thicker/heaver engine oil at your mileage.
Oh I forgot to mention that at the time the new timing belt parts were installed, there were known engine oil leaks from the engine gaskets, which are apparently not uncommon to this model impreza.
I should have planned to have the new engine gaskets put in at the same time as the belt.
i'm wondering if doing the belt and leaving the gaskets leaky for some time would negatively have an effect on the tensioner... welp.

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