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Aug 4, 2023
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2009 Impreza.Thought fuel pump was bad, but confirmed its ok.Was starting up with starting fluid, for some reason now not starting at all. Fresh charged battery. Good cable connections.Checked every fuse and relay in engine compartment. All good
Under drivers side checked all fuses, also on pass side all fuses good.
It will crank but will not hit.Checked voltage at coil pack, this car has only one. I only have 12 volts to one terminal with key in run mode.
Thought it may be the ignition relay but looked all over online and can't find where its located.
Sure would appreciate any help!!
And this mystery model is?


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If it started with starting fluid then it's not getting fuel. To check for spark go to your parts store and pick up a spark tester. Pull a spark plug wire and put the spark tester on and have someone crank it. If it lights up you have spark on the cylinder. Other possibilities that can and will cause it not to start is 1. Stretched, broken, missing teeth, jumped time, timing belt. 2. Could be a bad crank sensor. 3. Bad cam sensor. If the computer doesn't get a signal from the cam sensor or crank sensor it will not send fuel or allow it to spark. Do you have a check engine light on?

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