How do I get on the Subie Subscription plan?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Bobby Gainsburger, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Hi all:

    I have had my 2003 Forrester XPs for almost 10 months and it's great.
    I read an earlier post here about downloading online manuals for 20
    bucks and was wondering how I get to the ordering screen for this?
    I registered on the site and it accepted the registration but I can't
    seem to get to any relevant screen that gives me the 19.95 3 day
    download subscription option.

    Anyone have any hints?


    Bobby Gainsburger, Jul 19, 2003
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  2. go onto the site ( - on the left side of the screen,
    enter the info for the document you want (i.e., 2003 Forester service
    manual), hit search, click on one of the sections which comes up, then click
    on one of the chapters for "online download", then click on the subsection
    you want - it will then ask you to register or login - do that, then at the
    top under your username there will be a line which says "Click here for PDF
    subscription" - click there, and then you are where you want to be - pick
    what you want, pay for it, and off you go.
    David & Caroline, Jul 20, 2003
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  3. Thanks I got it!

    $19.95 is a bargain for doing a little work compared to $199.00 for
    the complete CD-ROM, or for that matter, $2499.00 for an entire year

    Now If I could only figure out a way to de-crypt the edit protection
    to combine these into one big .pdf...<g>

    Oh well

    Thanks again.

    Bobby Gainsburger, Jul 20, 2003
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