Looking to trade in my G37 for subie, but first a few questions

Oct 2, 2021
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So I have a G37, and it's great and all, but it's not handling the way I hoped. Was attracted to the Front-mid engine design but the weight distribution of a muscle car kills a lot of the fun. A Subie is more acceptable with the similar weight distribution just because it's an AWD car vs RWD.
Anyways, I'm looking for a daily and the Subie seems perfect. 2 (well 3) aspects are sort of bugging me before I make the plunge.

Just to mention, I'm looking at the '08-'09 N/A 5 speed hatchback model. Speed isn't as much of my criteria as good handling.

First I'm wondering what kind of mpg I can expect with this model. Since the Impreza's auto's are haldex awd they get pretty great gas milage, since the mainly manaul wrx's are turbo and viscous awd they get not so great mpg. So specifically im wondering what kind of mpg people with N/A manual cars are getting. the G is pretty thirsty so don't want to down grade.

Second, how reliable are the N/A motors? i feel like every time I look up subies they're are always a bunch with head gasket issues and that seems to kind of be the running joke with the boxer engines. I could be wrong but just have to ask. How reliable are the N/A motors? anyone have major issues? The one great thing about the G is the reliability so again, don't want to downgrade.

The third thing is a little more opinions id like to hear from anyone in a similar situation. I'm a diehard rwd guy. In sunny California it just seemed better for dry weather canyon runs. How's the handling compared to other cars? are you a rwd-er that made the switch? How well does it handle in the canyons? I know the handling is good, better than most, which is why it appeals to me as a DD, but would you say better? Guess this all comes down to the driver but just thought I'd ask while im here.
1. The G37 is a v6 so gas in the Subaru will be better regardless
2. As long as you are maintaining the vehicle it should last several hundred thousand miles. Infinity is fancy name for Nissan so again only as reliable as you want it to be. Anything you maintain properly will last forever.
2. a. People only go online to complain and you never get the full story or real story. Odds are the owner of said vehicle complaint failed to maintain it.
3. AWD will handle better than RWD almost every time. I personally think Subaru has the best AWD system available. I think once you experience it for yourself in a situation where you thought RWD would be better you will be pleasantly surprised and wont go back to RWD.

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