New to the subie game have questions!

Mar 21, 2021
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I was curious if i could up my boost like i once did with my DSM by upgrading the fuel pump and putting in a wide-band and adjust the boost so the cars not running to lean or to rich. i want to try to up my boost a little more. Is this a possibility? I have the parts just don't want to use a Cobb access port if i have some parts.
Tuning will be required if you "up" the boost. What model car do you have? Cobb isnt the only way to tune it. You can do open source tuning with a tactrix cable and software. Google search subaru open source tuning.
Thanks i looked it up its basically an computer access-port with tuning capability. One problem Ive never tuned :/ anyone know an open source tuner in WA state. By the way the car is a 2011 WRX limited edition.
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If you have never tuned before than open source may not be for you but most tuning shops do use open source as well as cobbs access port for tuning. An access port may be your easiest route. I have a 2012 hatch and I have a v2 access port running torqued performance stage 3 tune. They do a fantastic job getting the car dialed in. Take a look at Also you can find used unmarried access port for decent prices as well.

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