Help 2015 Subaru crosstrek needs transmission

Jan 25, 2023
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This will be my 2nd transmission I'll be replacing since Aug. They have not yet found a tranny for me. As soon as I get one I'm gonna trade it in. I have a subaru crosstrek 2015 base model and cant find any online that are cheap since I'm just trading it in then. If anyone has any websites that are good to buy a transmission with warranty let me know. Thanks.


2015 Subaru CrossTrek Transmission > CVT <

Check your dealer for "CVT Warranty Enhancement Program".

Pay attention to this as information only:

If a transmission is replaced, ask / request a "Transmission Controller Flash Update" if available.


Option: Visit a transmission rebuild shop and have them tear it down with all NEW required components including a new / reconditioned "valve body control". Use Subaru CVT oil only.

If keeping the vehicle, service it every other year religiously with a fresh oil change.

DO NOT purchase a used transmission.

When trading in, stay away from a CVT and stick with a non CVT model or manual transmission.
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