Engine swap from 2006 to 2010. Need help!!

Feb 15, 2023
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Let me start by saying I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this and even more so anyone that can give some knowledge. As the title says, I'm putting a 2010 ej255 engine into me 2006 wrx. It's all swapped over with the exception of the intake manifold assembly (which you know what I mean if you've worked on these things), the turbo (due to location - new engine=front turbo mount / old engine=rear mount <--reinstalled as rear), and a few other not real important appliances. So the turbo relocation gave me an absolute run for my money seeing how the plumbing connections were obviously way different for a front and rear mount turbo. After a custom reservoir, a lot of tubing, and a 3/4" spacer on top of my up-pipe, it's all said and done. Finally, I'll get to my point. I fired up the car and it started but it's surging in RPMs and will not idle. The new engine has variable valve timing on all 4 camshafts but my 06 ecm and wiring only supports the intake cam vvt of its time. Will this be an issue???? Also, my obd2 is saying one of my cam sensors is not reading correctly. Are those from a 2010 engine capable of functioning on a 2006 ecm/wiring??? I'm at a loss for information everywhere I look probably bc this is kind of a odd situation. Any help will be much appreciated!!!! Thanks!!!!
You need to match an ECM and wiring assembly that supports all connections with the correct VVT assemblies.
No way around that.
I understand your point and I appreciate your response but I am a slight bit confused by it. The short block (with the exception of the oil pan) is the exact same in all aspects as with mine. They are ej255's. If I would have removed the exhaust side vvt timing belt pulleys and installed my originals, I wouldn't see much difference there either. At least mechanically. And then everything else is from my 06 unit. But you've definitely raised a good point!! Is the exhaust cam identical between the two? When does the vvt make the adjustments to the exhaust cams? Hell idk!!!

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