2017 dead battery

Discussion in 'Subaru Forester' started by Pgreenlie, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. Pgreenlie


    Dec 8, 2019
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    Hello - 2017 Forrester 2.5i Touring here. Twice now, within it's first 36000 miles I have the battery drain down. Both times my wife was driving.

    I know the lights all turn off when "I" stop the car and lock it, so we're trying to figure out what she is doing that wears the battery down.

    Any ideas?
    Pgreenlie, Dec 8, 2019
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  2. Pgreenlie


    Aug 26, 2019
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    You should disconnect the negative side cable from the battery.
    Connect a meter between the cable and the battery to see how much draw you have.

    Now go to your fuse boxes and pull out one fuse at a time until your draw disappears.
    This should narrow it down to what is exactly doing it.
    daddydog, Dec 18, 2019
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