2009 2.5i Clutch pedal stuck after cylinder replacement

Feb 28, 2023
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Last week discovered I had a leak somewhere, tons of fluid missing, clutch got "soft."

I just replaced the clutch master cylinder, slave and clutch line, bled both cylinders. From the beginning of the bleed when I compress the clutch pedal it would pop down and stay down so I had to manually bring it back up over and over to complete the bleed. Upon completion, the problem persists. I thought that maybe it was a pressure issue but now that the line and cylinders are full of fluid and the reservoir is topped off I am left with the same problem.

I am not sure what the issue could be now, hoping some of you have some suggestions.
Nevermind, after doing further research and coming up empty I went back into to fiddle and now the clutch is working properly. Not sure what the explanation is. Possible my wife, who was doing the pumping for the bleed, was misreporting and I never tried it myself. I don't entirely remember now.
The correct method is either gravity bleed or using a hand held vacuum pump with capture cylinder.
That way the piston will not bottom out or tear the seals within the bore of the clutch master.

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