2009 Forester Spark Plug Change

Aug 26, 2021
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OK i changed the plugs on my forester today, well i actually changed 3 of the plugs. This is crazy but the front driver side plug i could not remove. I went to get it out with the socket and it seems there is nothing there (hex head) for the socket to fit on.
Is it possible the hex has rusted off?
When i pulled the boot off the spark plug the boot had a lot of rust on it.
Find a USB endocope and apply it to the smart phone to inspect the hex.


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I thought of that i was just trying to see if anyone else ever had this issue.
Could i se a mirror you think? Im not really wanting to wait for a endoscope to be delivered but i will if i have to of course
A mirror may help but a special socket is required if the hex is rounded. The socket is intended to "bite" onto the hex.
Don't brake off the porcelain of the plug. If unsure, hire a professional and at times, the mounts have to be disconnected and lift the engine a slight for access.
ok guys it was the rubber ring stuck around the base of the plug from the previous mechanic/owner sparkplug socket.
Its all good now and im sorry for such a delayed response and thank you guys for your input.

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