30,000 mile service question (USA).

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by QX, May 5, 2007.

  1. QX

    QX Guest

    The dealer where I was getting my 2005 Forester XT (2.5 Turbo)
    serviced closed and the other dealer in town took over as the
    exclusive Subaru dealership in town. (Las Vegas, NV; Findlay Subaru
    closed, Subaru of Las Vegas takes over. Seems there wasn't enough
    business to support two dealerships). I had a lot of faith in the
    Findlay Subaru dealership, but not sure about this hew one.
    I called to check on what they recommended for the 30K mile service,
    Here is the list:
    oil change
    tire rotation
    replacement of air filter
    replacemnt of spark plugs

    Service on;
    cooling system
    brake fluid

    How much of this is "dealer profit" and how much
    really needs to be done.
    I have been getting air filter, oil & oil filter every 3500 miles, and
    tire rotation every 7000 miles. Desert climate is often dusty, summer
    temps reach 115°F and down to 25°F in the winter. Vehicle is rarely
    driven for less than 30 minutes at a time. The ususal assortment of
    stop and go, with several 4-10 hour drives at highway speeds.
    Absolutely no problems with the car since I drove it out of the
    dealership. Thanks in advance.
    QX, May 5, 2007
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  2. QX

    Blair Baucom Guest

    Here is what the factory says:


    Make sure they indicate on the work order what work they performed , not
    like my dealer did just put "30K service" and not perform all the work and
    say they did.

    Beware add-on items like the battery special services where they charged me
    and did not even leave any fingerprints or disturb the dust on battery
    terminals or caps.

    When they charge me over $500 I expect to see a service report like this:

    Battery voltage: 12.6v
    Specific gravity: ???
    Tread depth on tires:3/32"
    and so on. At least I know the checked something.

    I get more information on my Subaru at my Ford dealer who does my oil
    changes at around $23.00 using their Fastlane service.

    Same on brake fluid change, no sign of ever opening the cap. Hard to change
    fluid without removing the cap.

    Turbo does not list plugs at 30,000 miles as they are supposed to be
    platinum and changed at 60,000.

    On the transmission/differentials they changed mine to 80W90 instead of
    75W90 as recommended, and when cold the manual shifts like crap compare to
    the old oil. The factory says inspect the oils.

    Make sure they use Subaru coolant.

    Your best bet is to print the page above and tell them to follow the factory

    The dealer I went to, will never see me or my money again.


    2005 Forester XS 5-speed manual
    Blair Baucom, May 5, 2007
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  3. QX

    y_p_w Guest

    Very easy to do yourself.
    Not that easy with a horizontally opposed engine, but there's no way
    this should be done at 30K miles. Your's should come with long-life
    platinum plugs and at least a 60K recommendation.
    Recommended at 30K miles.
    No theoretical recommendation unless there's something wrong with the
    fluid. That being said, I do it myself and plan on 30K mile intervals.
    Again - no set recommendation.
    Good idea.
    All they're going to do is test the voltage and maybe top off the water.
    A ton of it is dealer profit. An independent mechanic won't typically
    pretend to charge for "checks" that many mechanics will do for free as a
    courtesy (if you're doing other stuff).
    y_p_w, May 6, 2007
  4. QX

    Gene Guest

    Have traded with both dealerships , and if you check out the people
    at the new dealership, I think you will find out that most of them
    are from Henderson...had service there this a.m., and am happy with
    their service !...Gene 07 Turbo Forester
    Gene, May 8, 2007
  5. QX

    mpberti Guest

    changing the spark plugs on a flat engine is very easy. man hate to see
    what you call hard
    mpberti, May 8, 2007
  6. QX

    y_p_w Guest

    I used to change plugs on a couple of inline fours. That was easy. I
    look at my WRX and the plugs are hidden behind assorted tanks and
    y_p_w, May 8, 2007
  7. QX

    mpberti Guest

    dude jack stands and go underneath get a good set of sockets and a
    universal joint for your driver and your in business
    mpberti, May 8, 2007
  8. QX

    nobody > Guest

    mpberti wrote:


    snip again
    Where did you get the 300 degree universal joint, dude? The plugs are
    down in tubes thru the cam/valve covers and those tubes point UP.
    nobody >, May 9, 2007
  9. QX

    CompUser Guest

    They don't point UP (not to any noticeable
    degree) on mine, but perhaps the geometry has
    changed since 2004.

    You need to move some stuff on a WRX.

    Pull the washer bottle (and optionally the
    battery) on driver's side. Pull intake past the
    MAF hose on passenger side.

    You don't really need a U-joint or swivel head
    ratchet IIRC. I believe I did some swapping
    between 6" and 3" extensions, tho.

    I did it all from above. It's like changing plugs
    under a table top...you know what is there, you
    just can't see it.

    The tapered lead-in for the plugs guides them
    right into the holes; I found getting plugs
    started was actually easier than on a lot of
    other engines, where I could see everything.
    CompUser, May 9, 2007
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