follow-up on wife's 15,000 mile service

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Frank, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    All she got was an oil change but thought group might be interested in
    dealer recommendations:

    Her Forester is only two years old but they were pushing for 30,000
    mile/30 month service. Me, I've got and '03, and I do service on miles
    with consideration on making sure oil is changed twice a year (DYI) and
    rubber items like hoses and belts could age faster.

    I thought I got stung by 30,000 mile service as I just gave it to them
    and told them to do it without specifications. Cost $585.

    Any comments?
    Frank, Apr 24, 2010
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  2. Frank

    John Varela Guest

    Yes. Dealers make up a "standard" service package that generally
    includes a lot of actions that aren't called for in the service
    manual. On my Infiniti, they rotated the tires even though the
    owner's manual specifically says not to rotate the tires on this
    car. A Honda dealer used to top up the windshield washer fluid and
    charge a dollar an ounce. A local service station, when replacing
    the timing belt of a Volvo, also replaced the serpentine belt even
    though it was not on the list I gave them and they themselves had
    replaced the serpentine belt just 10,000 miles earlier. Tell them to
    do what's listed in the manual and nothing more. If they do extra
    without permission, refuse to pay for it.
    John Varela, Apr 24, 2010
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  3. Frank

    clare Guest

    You only have ONE protection. A signed work order.
    Insist on it.
    You tell the service writer exactly what you want done and they tell
    you how much - on the work order..
    You sign it.
    You get a copy.
    If it needs anything else they call you. You authorize it or not. It
    gets written on your work order with "authorized (or authourized up
    here in Canada) by phone".
    You pay for what you authourized.
    clare, Apr 25, 2010
  4. Frank

    StephenH Guest

    I read the dealers rec's and he does things we don't do at our
    dealership. That being said, Subaru sells a "Subaru Added
    Security" (SAS) program with new Subarus. Kind of a "we will do these
    services at this price for you" One of our standard 30k will have, All
    fluids change, plugs, both a/f; A SAS will have oil, coolant brake
    fluid and a few other items. By doing a SAS, you are maintaining the
    warrenty standard for your car even tho it is 50% less done than the
    standard 30K.
    So be informed, and take the owners manual in and say, "This is what I
    want done" as per the owners manual. they cant argue with you.
    StephenH, Apr 26, 2010
  5. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Thanks, I'm printing responses out for wife. She's now pretty well
    convinced to ditch dealer recommendations and go strictly by the
    manual but this will help further.
    Frank, Apr 26, 2010
  6. Frank

    Jim Guest

    FWIW I prefer to have a local, reliable, independent technician. Armed
    with receipts it assures warranty repairs when necessary. In the
    meantime you save because your local tech will only do the work specified
    as he desires to retain your confidence for future work.
    Jim, Apr 30, 2010
  7. Frank

    J Guest

    Provided the formerly reliable independent tech doesn't manage to ****
    up a subaru timing belt change that takes months to debug with subtle
    engine performance issues as one flattened tooth of the new belt
    allows it to pop in and out of place just beyond the ECU's ability to
    compensate (and perhaps legitimately blame it on a faulty new subaru
    tensioner he'd installed at the same time), then go through a nasty
    divorce, get behind on his finances, take your money for some major
    engine work he didn't actually perform, then flee the country owing
    snap on tools $10k and leaving you holding the bag for a head gasket
    and cat job you paid for but turns out... he didn't actually do. But
    boy he steam cleaned the engine well.

    And you get a nasty surprise of a pool of oil on your garage floor 2
    years later, and get to pay for a head gasket job again and your P0420
    codes keep coming because your supposedly "new" cat mysteriuosly has a
    hole in it, this time you may choose to do it at a dealer with factory
    trained Subaru techs that you could actually find a sue if they didn't
    do it right or do what they said they would.

    I share this hoping that no one have to repeat my experience in trying
    to find a local, reliable, and competent (with these weird ass
    engines) tech for their Subaru.

    And, on a separate note, if your last name is Trznadel, and you're a
    master mechanic, and had a shop in the suburbs of Chicago, and if any
    of this resonates with you...wherever you are, **** YOU!
    J, Apr 30, 2010
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