2019 Outback Stereo / Nav Bubbles / Replacement

I have a 2019 Outback and have been waiting a year now for the head unit. SOA has been no help and keeps referring me back to the dealer but neither have an ETA on when the radio will be in if ever, they just keep saying it’s on back order. I’ve had to shut the radio to a black screen otherwise it just phantom touches everything and even calls people on my contact list. I filed a complaint with NHTSA. Emailed SOA multiple times. I think waiting a year is completely unacceptable. I’m so disappointed that Subaru is not standing by their product or even offering anything. I paid for the extended warranty, but I am losing faith of ever getting this replaced. I will not purchase another Subaru again in the future.
I'm also same problem happened, no action from dealer too. Let's fight together. Thanks. Charles
I also have this problem - started about 2 weeks ago. Bought the vehicle new in early 2019. Haven't checked with the dealer yet, nor contacted SOA. Hopefully something will be resoved with SOA andI won;t have to foot the full repair bill.
My 2019 outback started doing the same thing. Very disappointed that SOA has not called back after I was told that I was gonna receive a call from them within 3 business days. So frustrating.
My 2019 Outback has the same issue since 4 months ago. I took it back to Subaru dealership for a replacement and they told me it was on back order. Four months later, I checked last week, it was still on back order and no one knew how long they could get the replacement part, the LCD screen. The radio now jumps from station to station randomly and you can't even shut it down - it will automatically turns on and jump..... Very disappointed.
My 2019 Outback Premium Trim, just started doing this, It's practically unusable most of the time. Very frustrating. I just brought it in for the 4th windshield replacement, and dealing with battery issues which was replaced 6 months ago.

After seeing all these posts on here and on reddit, i'll be calling SOA.
2018 Subaru Outback and at 60,000 miles, radio has become possessed and doing what all of you mention exactly. Am being told by the dealership will be $1500to replace. Sign me up to the class action lawsuits...this is ridiculous!!
Same issues as everyone else on my 2019 Outback Premium. This is ridiculous. I miss regular buttons, this touch-screen technology sucks!
I also have the same problem. A couple of months ago I checked this forum and found 50 or so similar concerns. Last week I was at my dealer for service and raised this issue. He said that he had orders in for 9 replacement units on order and they were backordered.
I finally had my radio unit etc. replaced at the end of last August. I had the "long term" insurance so there was little cost but...shortly thereafter my battery crashed. AAA replaced my battery for $200...since then I have had problems with the battery losing charge...twice. The first time the AAA tech said I had left my lights on. I became very cautious about making sure they were off. Then, I checked the manual. When the keys are removed, the lights go off. A month later, I had to call them back to recharge the battery. Next...a visit to the dealer.
Has anyone replaced their screen with an after market screen? I talked with my Subaru dealership and even if I was willing to pay for the new screen (which I am not), they told me it would be replaced with a remanufactured screen. So not only am I getting the same crap screen put in, it’s not even a brand new one. I spoke with Best Buy and they install infotainment screens. I was wondering if anyone has gone this route and if it worked out.
We have a 2019 Outback but we have 120,000 miles on ours and out of all warranties. I have had this same problem as all above. My radio has the bubbles, and now starting to change channels on its own. My driver's seat is split on the door side seat and back rest. We are waiting on the class action to finalize for we can get the radio repaired. Subaru did settle a class action that included vehicles up to 2018 for the same radio issues. So, I don't know what would hold this one up.
Mine has the same bubbling issue. I was recently quoted $4500 to install and replace (dealership told me the top and bottom portion came in a pair and had to be replaced [$1800 for top, $1800 for bottom, $480 for install). I'm looking for an aftermarket replacement; buying the same thing again will likely cause the same problem. You guys have any suggestions on aftermarket parts?
I have a 2019 Outback. I love it, however the radio began changing channels and basically acting possessed. I can’t use my phone or any Bluetooth device at all. Subaru said it would cost me 2200.00 to replace. I am very disappointed with Subaru over this. Seems like it is a defect in the system. Probably will not buy another Subaru unfortunately.
Did Subaru ever do anything to replace the stereo at no cost to the owner? My wife’s 2019 Outback just started to randomly change channels, GPS opens and closes and redirects turns off and on by itself. Clearly a distraction and a safety issue.

After reading these post I reached out to Subaru America had a case opened for us, took our car into the dealer so they can verify the issue we have.

At the end of that we were told that the they would give us a $1000 goodwill credit towards a new stereo, problem is the stereo is over $2000. This is a crappy attempt to make this right. Just curious how others made out.

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