Stereo system

Jul 30, 2023
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i’m looking for an apple car play screen i can install into my 2001 ll bean subaru legacy outback. i need help on figuring out which one would be the best fit for my car.
Best advice is at a radio / stereo supplier in your area and take the time to listen to their offers and advice.
Half the brands are made in the same place anymore. Its more about key features you need. Play cd's? stream only? remote? work with steering wheel controls ect. Are you looking to add a amp and after market speakers or stay stock?
I had the standard system taken out of my Forester & now play my songs on my I pod through a usb cable into a new system. I wnd for one that also plays cd's so I have a choice how I listen to my music. I have over 500 songs on my i pod so I have plenty of choice. I do not listen to the radio as I am not a fan of what is played here largely & I do not need sirius. I do wish manufacturers would still install cd players in cars, its so much easier

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