No sound from stereo head unit

Feb 1, 2022
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I have a 2022 Outback. Last month, the stereo "quit working" for a few hours but started working again when I restarted the car the 2nd or 3rd time. Yesterday it happened again and is still an issue. First noticed the stereo wasn't making sound, but screen looked normal and seemed to work. Noticed there was no beep when I pushed buttons on the touch screen. Also, answered my phone through bluetooth and couldn't hear anything. Have tried:

1. Turning off head unit by holding the power button.
2. Restarting the car.
3. Checked mute/unmute
4. Volume is up
5. Checked for updates through wifi and there were none.
6. Reset unit to factory defaults.
7. Have watched videos on older models, showing soft reboot with certain button combos, etc. but haven't found anything for the 2022.

I have an appt with service next week and will keep the appt even if I get it working, to have a record of the issue. Anyone have ideas on a fix? I thought of pulling the fuse and replacing but with newer cars and computers....just don't want to create any new issues.

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