2009 Impreza radio/stereo system randomly cuts out

Aug 13, 2019
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I have a 2009 Subaru Impreza Sports Edition with a stereo that randomly cuts out when I'm driving - Basically it goes something like this;

It started last summer, driving around the stereo would totally stop working, no static, no sound, no anything. And there would be no way to restore functionality unless I pulled over and totally restarted my car - simply restarting the stereo itself is entirely fruitless.

Basically it's pretty random and this has happened to me in all possible modes of operation - playing the radio, using a CD, or playing audio through the AUX 3.5mm jack.

While it is pretty random it appears that there is some kind of pattern to it, namely that it will happen a couple times a day for maybe a week, then I've got a working radio for a month before it begins happening again. It doesn't happen in any particular driving conditions or anything either, it's happened on the highway, in city traffic, hell it even happened while my car was warming up in the driveway. Again the only way to get it to work again is to totally turn my car off, and turn it back on. Super annoying! There's sometimes a little audible 'pop' when the sound goes, but this isn't every time and I only mention it because I noticed it a couple times this past week.

I even brought it to the dealership I bought it at to see what they thought. They checked all the connections not just with the stereo unit itself, but even all the speakers in all the doors, ect. They found no issues with the connections and couldn't get it to cut out while the car was there (aint that always the way, eh?) but they were cool enough to not charge me anything since they couldn't find the problem and it sounds like a fairly tedious job.

Anyways, one of the techs who worked on the car told me he's got an '08 outback that does almost the same thing and he said he thinks the radio itself is "going".

I wanted to hear what people on a forum like this would think about it, or what they'd do in my situation. Has anyone else dealt with this type of problem before? Whats a reasonable amount can I expect to pay if I asked a subaru dealership to replace the stereo unit? Should I consider aftermarket stereos? Does it even need to be replaced?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.



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