Should control rods be an issue on a 2018 Forester 40,000 MI?

Apr 10, 2023
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Car is shuddering at certain highway speeds, turning the wheel slightly makes the shuddering go away. Took it to a local garage they told me I needed new control arms and bushings, and a ball joint, on both front wheels. Guy told me lots of Subarus have this issue, it's the weak point of the car. I am starting to become suspicious. That it might just need bushings. Does anyone else run into this at less than half the recommended mileage for part life?


Get a second opinion. Ask the Technician to show / indicate or record the loose components.
"Shuddering" can also be attributed to worn CV Joints and or wheel bearings.
Replacement control arm bushing can be installed but the control arms require removal with access to a hydraulic press.
Installation of the arms is a critical, all mounting hardware must be torqued to specifications with the vehicle weight on the wheels.

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