Hello, I'm looking at getting a 1999 Legacy GT-VDC anything I should look out for?

Jul 17, 2022
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hello new member here, like the title says I'm looking at getting a 1999 Legacy GT-VDC Twin Turbo from japan and getting imported into Canada. I have dose some research about it of how the turbos works, getting the timing belt changed, octane ratings and a little bit more but I'm still trying to find information about it but having a hard time. so if anything that I should be looking out for before I go ahead with it, any help would be super helpful! in addition to I emailed the importer about the vehicle so waiting to hear back from them.

also I have to mention is that the A/C doesn't work so I'm thinking it might be a leak somewhere but I could be wrong, so if anyone know a thing or two about that that would be helpful as well.

Lastly its only got 70,000km on it as well (43495.9miles)


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