Rattling sound from driver's side quarter panel, 2010 outback

Jan 6, 2022
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Hi everyone. This is my first post. Hope you folks can help.
This morning I hit an a-frame sign while backing out of a parking space at about 2 mph. Yeah, sounds stupid, but the parking lot is right up against a highway and I'm always afraid that someone's going to run off the road and hit me if I get too close to the shoulder, so in short, I was more worried about the road, backed up, turned the wheel too soon and hit the sign. I think the corner of the sign probably caught the panel, since it pulled it partially off, but my mechanic (I was at the shop having a headlight replaced), pounded it back in and while it's still a little loose at the bottom, it's holding.
But now there's a horrible rattle. It isn't constant. Sometimes it sounds like just a vibration, like when the car is idling at a light, and sometimes it's much louder. When I got home from work I left the car running and tried to figure out exactly what might be causing the noise. If I press against the quarter panel it changes the sound of the rattle, so could it be something in there? Maybe something that's come loose? If I slam the trunk closed hard when the engine is shut off, I can hear it then too. It's definitely coming from the area that encountered the sign.
I'm really hoping I didn't screw anything up too badly - the car broke down on me a few weeks back and I needed new spark plugs and ignition coils, and I didn't even have it out of the shop for 12 hours when two deer ran across the road in front of me and I had to hit the brakes so hard I completely messed them up. Just a lot of frustration. Thanks in advance for your help!!

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