Noise while engine is off

Pump or compressor running sound from rear after engine is off, for hours?

could be what I just posted - motor noise from rear of car - I think it is the rear hatch lock motor not shutting off. NO clue what to do - that is why I posted my question
A relay could be stuck keeping the motor on. Look in the owners manual and find what relay is on that and pull it while the noise is going and see if it stops. If it stops take the relay and shake it and if you hear a click sound the relay is probably sticking and needs replaced.
OK my 2019 crosstrek has this noise, I have caught it a half dozen times. I get the fact that vapor emission test needs to be run. My question is this a good strategy? Personally I'm not too fond of the thought of a fuel system running on an unattended vehicle, which happens to be less than 15' from where I'm sleeping. All other manufacturers run the evap test sometime when the vehicle is running. Can this behavior be programmed away? Not at all comfortable with it.

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