How do I install new studs that exhaust manifold bolts to on 2012 Legacy?

Jul 6, 2023
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I removed my exhaust manifold, to inspect the exhaust manifold gaskets (I have been smelling fumes in the cabin).

Of course, 4 of the studs came out since the nuts were seized on.

I bought 4 new studs at the local dealership (thankfully not "stealership" pricing for the studs).

I saw a video on Youtube, where a man installed new exhaust manifold gaskets. He replaced the studs by hand.

Is that how I should do it? Or should I put 2 nuts on the stud, opposite of each other, to try to torque the stud to the cylinder head?

What is the torque spec in ft/lbs?

Is anti-seize okay to use on the studs', including the threads that thread into the cylinder head?
Double nut lock on the stud to install = Yes
Anti-seize = Yes with copper formulation and very little on clean threads.
Use correct self locking nuts on assembly.

Generally, cylinder head studs are "snug" but mounting nuts are set to the correct to the correct torque.
So I can Double nut lock the stud, and use a rachet and socket to make them snug? I don't want to strip the aluminum threads that the stud thread into.

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