high mileage WRX and WRX STi

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by isquat, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. isquat

    isquat Guest

    Who around here has the highest mileage on their WRX and STi?
    isquat, Jan 24, 2007
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  2. isquat

    Mike Guest

    I wouldnt know, but I have 48,000 on my 03 WRX.
    Mike, Jan 24, 2007
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  3. isquat

    bgd Guest

    If someone lies, theres high mileage WRXs everywhere.
    I would guess a perfect 70 degrees year round. short trips spanned out
    over a couple of decades and grandma behind the wheel could bring that up to
    at least 100k miles!
    Is the ej engine fantasy ever going to end? Maybe add a chapter to alice in
    wonderland in the world of make believe...
    If you'll excuse me, I am feeling a bit sick at this queston being
    realistically asked. Maybe instead of vomit, it is just a case of diarrhea
    working out.
    I can't realistically say for certain just yet...
    bgd, Jan 24, 2007
  4. isquat

    SuperPoo Guest

    I have 90,000 miles on my '02.
    SuperPoo, Jan 24, 2007
  5. isquat

    JD Guest

    Someone piss in your cornflakes?

    JD, Jan 24, 2007
  6. isquat

    JD Guest

    I have 160,000 KM on my 04 STi (about 100K miles)
    JD, Jan 24, 2007
  7. ask at www.nasioc.com

    Carl 1 Lucky Texan, Jan 25, 2007
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