Brake pedal is too high.


Feb 26, 2023
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I just got a 2021 Subaru Ascent and I love it! Well, except for one thing. The brake pedal is up very high and I'm wondering if it can be adjusted to be lower. I'm not talking about the front to back motion but about how high above the floorboard it is. I have to pick my heel up off the floor to reach it. In other (albeit smaller) cars I can leave my heel on the floor and move my foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal. Is it able to be adjusted until it's longer?
The accelerator pedal and brake pedal are relatively parallel or on the same plane as each other.
No, the brake pedal can not be adjusted.
The brake pedal is super high. I’m an average height woman and just the tips of my toes reach the brake pedal when my heel is on the floor of the car. What makes it worse is that the brake is in a completely different plane than the gas pedal. It’s totally messing up my hip, calf, and back. The pedal and lever are one piece so it’s not as easy as replacing the pedal with a larger one. The extenders sold online all RAISE the brake pedal.

The Subaru dealership is clueless.

I have a call into Subaru corporate and am waiting for a call back.

I honestly might return the car if this can’t be fixed.

Anyone find a solution?
Go and look at another or similar model and view the pedal arrangement.
A very smart Technician would advise you to purchase another pedal assembly, SAFELY cut and fit different angles to the assembly.
This solution my suit your sitting position with the required leg room with brake safe and positive applications.
Keep the original assembly when the vehicle is sold or replaced.
The key word is SAFETY.
Been there, done that.
Wife just test drove one and said the same thing. You’re not alone, but I have no solution.
I feel validated. I was going to post this same thought. The brake pedal sits VERY HIGH up above the floorboard. For a small to medium height woman, this is uncomfortable. This is the first vehicle I've owned in my life I've ever noticed this situation. In close to home driving without a lot of stop and go traffic, you will probably hardly notice it. When you are in a lot of stop and go traffic, it almost becomes painful. I went for a long drive for the first time today with a lot of stop and go traffic mixed in. It got very uncomfortable. Was hoping to find some kind of solution also.

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