Eyesight Problems

Jun 5, 2023
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I recently purchased a 2023 legacy and for the first couple of weeks it worked fine with no issues. Over the past two weeks, the car's lane assist feature has started to "hug the right" for the first 15-20 min of my morning commute (I have a long commute, usually about 1.5 hours of driving). When driving home last night, I tested it out on a straight away (10 minutes into the drive) and the car "centered itself" with it's right wheel literally on the center of the right line. I then tested it out about 30 minutes into the drive and it was pretty centered.

The car has not been in an accident or has been damaged at all to the best of my knowledge. All other features work fine. I'm considering bring it into a dealer but the dealer I bought it from is no where near where I live anymore. If it's a warranty issue can it be handled by any Subaru Dealer?
If it is safety related. the key words being "I feel unsafe" then bring it to a dealer to test and calibrate the system especially if the windscreen was replaced but the "cameras" must be immaculately cleaned.

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