Dealer supplied oil filter for 2023 Forester Premium

Mar 16, 2023
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Hi all,
After seeing horrific videos of the blue Subaru oil filters provided by dealers with paper endcaps, I bought a filter from the dealer who sold us our new 2023 Forester. The filter I received does NOT have the paper endcaps. The endcaps are metal with neatly applied glue. To be honest it looks like a Walmart Supertech filter. Those are actually decent filters and this one appears ok too. Not top notch Wix quality but good enough for me to be comfortable with until the warranty expires.


  • OEM oil filter1.jpeg
    OEM oil filter1.jpeg
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  • OEM oil filter2.jpeg
    OEM oil filter2.jpeg
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  • OEM oil filter3.jpeg
    OEM oil filter3.jpeg
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    OEM oil filter4.jpeg
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  • OEM oil filter5.jpeg
    OEM oil filter5.jpeg
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    OEM oil filter7.jpeg
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