Check engine light on 2022 Subaru Forester Touring

Feb 28, 2022
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Six weeks old Subaru Forester check engine light comes on a few days after gas up. Will be taking it in for third time. Gas cap is on properly and clicked. Anyone experiencing similar?
No direct experience but this is almost certainly an Evap related issue triggering the code. Have a local parts distributor scan your T with their scanner. The service is free but you might want to get a Bluetooth scanner module from Amazon, or your choice, and you will be able to read every code that is generated. You can then google any specific code that is generated for it’s meaning whenever you see the “money light” turn on. You will be able to read these codes directly from your IPhone, iPad or Android devices. The module is not expensive and you do not need to be an automotive tech to understand the codes. Diagnosis is another issue which many mechanics or “technicians” do not fully understand or whatever the reason. The lack of proper diagnosis always leads to return trips back for service. After warranty, this “parts cannon” practice gets very expensive, FOR YOU.
Best of luck!.

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