Buyer Beware - - Subaru Dealer who is not a dealer

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by howser69429, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. howser69429

    howser69429 Guest

    Am posting this for all to know. If you come across this dealer -
    buyer beware.... The dealer is Alpine Autosport of Boulder Colorado. , Recently legal action was taken by Subaru
    USA for using and acting like a new dealer of subarus - - but was just
    a used car salesman. They had to settle out of court.

    Now they are being investigated for fraud. Seems they bring in subarus
    from the Statesville Auto Auction in North Carolina and have been
    playing with the titlework. They have 7 complaints so far and the
    state of Colorado is investigating these issues. Right now they
    advertise heavily on the internet and sell cars from as far away as
    the west coast. There are serious issues afoot here.

    These people are not dealers of quality vehicles and now are seriously
    in trouble for misleading consumers. If you buy from them - be aware
    thatit could be a fake carfax (this is one of the complaints from
    previous buyers) or just a bad subaru dealing. Sure there are a few
    good dealings, but according to the newspaper these folks are in
    serious trouble.

    Suburus in the Colorado Front Range are extremely popular and people
    will pay a pretty penny...meaning the dealership mentioned above have
    a great number of victims. If you know anyone in the area -- please
    let them know of this situation
    howser69429, Aug 14, 2007
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