2010 Forester TPMS help needed

Nov 19, 2023
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Our 2010 Forester (~125,000 miles) recently started displaying the TPMS light on our dashboard. All four tires are at, or slightly above recommended tire pressure (32psi).

Here is the sequence when the ignition is turned on (times are mm:ss, and are approx. I could certainly be off by a factor of 10-20%):
00:00 - Key turned on. TPMS indicator is lit.
00:00 - 00:04 - TPMS is solid (standard startup procedure, I believe).
00:05 - 01:20 - TMPS indicator repeats (2 sec. off / 1 sec. on) cycle about 25 times.
01:20 - ... - TPMS indicator stays lit.

Is this just a bad sensor in one of the wheels? Or does the blinking light pattern suggest the TPMS module/receiver is bad.

Our local Subaru dealer and tire shops are talking $150+ just to *begin* the diagnostic process. The tires are worn, but still decent. Tire shop estimates ~5,000 miles left. But it's the wife's car, and since work-from-home started (Mar-2020), she's barely managed 4,000 miles/year.

I am considering black tape over TPMS light until we get new tires next year. I've had a number of cars over the last four decades and this is the first with TPMS system. My '05 pickup is doing just fine without one ...

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