2009 EJ25 2.5i SOHC timing belt broke

Nov 30, 2020
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After purchasing a used car and the seller letting me know that the timing belt was recently changed. And I did take the cover off to inspect the belt and it looked good. The timing belt broke about 2 weeks after this private seller purchase. WooHoo fun, So I have purchased a new belt and installed it. With the new belt installed I turned the engine over with a wrench on the crank pulley. I didn't feel any resistance or any abnormal sounds. Is it ok to proceed with turning the car over with the ignition to see if it starts?

I have a foxwell OBD code reader but its not reading any codes other than $07E8

Also I'm trying to get an idea of what the costs may be if I have bent valves. The Mechanic/Machine shop said its $125 per valve but I don't exactly know what is meant by this pricing.

My local salvage yard has a low mileage EJ25 2.5 sohc engine, is it possible to swap the heads with the valves from another engine or are these machined to fit the exact specific engine they were made for?
I was able to find good cylinder heads at a u pick junkyard. After watching several youtube videos I ordered all new intake and exhaust valves along with new valve seals. I removed the old valves, cleaned up the heads with simple green then ground the valves so they seated nicely. Skipping ahead a few weekends now and the car is back running great again.

I guess people are really busy now and are not able to read my post and reply....

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