2007 Legacy 2.5 GT Limited shaking steering wheel when braking

Discussion in 'Subaru Legacy' started by Bill Bradley, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Bill Bradley

    Bill Bradley Guest

    Took a long trip in mountains of SW Colorado this weekend, and, my Legacy,
    which just got it's 7500 mile service, developed a severe shaking of the
    steering wheel when braking from 60 MPH or faster, that got markedly worse
    as the brakes warmed. It also pulled to the right when braking. There was
    no detectable pulling or vibration at up to 100 MPH, except when braking.

    There was no pulsating of the pedal, and, none of this was noticeable at low
    speeds. I've had no accidents, nor have I hit any potholes or anything.
    Alignment and balancing was done at the 3000 Mile checkup.

    I dropped it off at the dealer this afternoon to get it fixed. I assume
    it's warped rotors, but, when I've had this before in other cars, the pedal
    always pulsated.

    Any ideas? Also, is this covered under the warranty (I've got Added
    Security, too)?

    Bill Bradley, Aug 21, 2007
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  2. Bill Bradley

    Blair Baucom Guest

    My 1986 Honda Accord LSi warped it's rotors very early, and they turned
    then. They went a few more miles the second time as I was much more gentle
    on them, but still warped again over time. Also can be pad deposits on the
    rotor as described in this forum before. When they did mine on the Accord,
    they used a circular stone with the rotors still mounted on the car. The
    1986 Accord had 13" rims so brake disc was undersized, and my friends with
    the same car also had problems. My 2005 Forester XS has had no issues with
    this at 43,000 miles. Both of mine had/have manual transmissions.

    Blair Baucom, Aug 21, 2007
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  3. Bill Bradley

    Jim Stewart Guest

    If they pulled the front wheels for servicing,
    I'd suspect loose lugnuts on one wheel.
    Jim Stewart, Aug 21, 2007
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