2007 Legacy At Oil Temp light comes on even after 3 fluid changes

Mar 5, 2023
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Hi guys so I’m super new to forums and i can repost if this is in the wrong place, but basically what has been happening is my 2007 Legacy (4 speed auto with standard mode) keeps running into the same issue of the AT oil temp light coming on. Initially when this happened I check the fluid and it smelled and looked burnt. The car is at 218k so I wasn’t surprised, I’ve only owned it for about 3000 miles so I decided to change the trans fluid. After doing so the light took a few days to come back but eventually did while driving home on the highway about 60-70 mph. So, I changed the fluid again as well as the pod filter and same thing happened again. So then I change it a THIRD time and it’s STILL coming back, I check fluid, levels are mint, right between hot low and full exactly where it’s supposed to be, fluid is fresh, cherry red, and not leaking anywhere in the system. If I turn the car off while the light is blinking and immediately turn it back on it’s gone, and sometimes doesn’t even come back. I cannot seem to understand what the issue would be as it’s happened before when shifting and it’s happened when just cruising at 2k on the highway. Some have said get the light on and go to a dealer but my nearest one is 25 miles. I just wanted to see if anyone on here had some advice before I just ripped the trans out completely and put in a new (used likely junkyard) one. Thank you guys and I appreciate any and all suggestions as well as can update with pictures, more info, etc whatever may be needed!
Measure transmission temperature with a scan tool but also test the transmission oil pan and oil cooler lines with a "Laser temperature gun". Those relative values will answer the question if the transmission internal temperature sensor is defective. Here is an example of Subaru SSM scan tools.


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