2004 Impreza TS, Impreza Outback Sport

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza' started by Paul Pedersen, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. I'm currently looking at these two cars. Most of
    what is present on the Outback Sport, that I'd like
    to have, could easily be added later to the TS as
    accessories, apart the heating seats maybe.

    What about the suspension ? The only information
    I've seen is the text in the brochure saying
    something to the effect that the Outback Sport's
    is higher and more robust.

    I drive often enough on dirt roads and might be
    interested in a suspension that would be better
    able to handle washboard, potholes and deep snow
    over the long term.

    I took a few measurements on both models and there
    really isn't much difference in clearance. For
    instance, the distance from the top of the front
    tire to the top of the wheel well lip is 3" or
    slighty more on a TS, and about 3" on the OBS with
    the mags and smaller tires. Not much difference

    I then measured the distance from the bottom of the
    body, right at the rear of the front wheel well, to
    the ground and it was 9-1/4" on the OBS and 9" on
    the TS.

    One difference I can think of is slightly less
    unsprung weight due to the mags (2-3 pounds per wheel).

    So what exactly is the difference ? Different
    struts ? Better bushings ? Anybody know ?

    A second thing : if I bought the OBS, for the winter
    I'd like to put on 15" steel wheels, off the TS,
    with winter tires (as opposed to the 16" mags on the

    One dealer has said no problem. Three dealers have
    said the brake calipers on the two models are
    different and the 15" will rub somewhere.

    I have not seen any mention anywhere that the OBS
    might have different brakes than the TS. Does
    anybody know ? Has anyone successfully put 15"
    steel wheels on a 2004 OBS ?

    Paul Pedersen, Oct 3, 2003
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  2. Paul Pedersen

    al gu Guest

    I just bought an impreza outback sport 2004 2 weeks ago
    the added features were worth it and it looks better
    the higher and stronger suspension is good

    I got a set of 15 steel wheels from a forester ...they fit fine. they came
    with used tires so I am using up the old tires until I change to the snows.
    this saves my original 16's until next spring.
    ill put 195 / 65 snow tires on the rims.
    that is equal to the 205 / 55 16's that came with it.

    I am getting higher than the rated fuel consumption too :)))
    38 miles per gallon canadian gallons. the rating is 36
    37 mpg in mixed driving city / highway
    Yes i do drive conservative and gentle.....
    rev it out and there goes the gas !!

    al gu, Oct 4, 2003
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