2 day old 2024 Crosstrek and engine seized?

Sep 3, 2023
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Ok I don’t know for sure if the engine seized. Was on the highway, car has 400kms on it. Suddenly there’s the sounds of metal on metal grinding. I pull off at the nearest exit while connecting with the Starlink. The customer service rep heard the sounds and was taken aback. My car has been towed back to the dealership. I checked the oil and level seems normal but the tow truck driver said he could see a bit of oil dripping under the car.

My father (who could re-build a car engine blindfolded) drove out to pick me up and I turned the car on for him for less than 2 seconds. When he heard the sounds. His face said it all.

He said he’s never heard anything like it and he just kept saying “oh dear”.

Does anyone know if this is a known issue or am I just exceedingly unlucky?

I waited 4 months for this car and was SO excited about it. Two days in and boom.
Ouch, someone probably screwed up when building the engine, transmission, or AWD system.
Not unheard of for any brand. Dealer should be falling over backwards to rectify this for you. Preferably to the point of finding a replacement as soon as possible rather than wait for repairs.

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