Windshield Chip

Feb 6, 2023
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Hi everyone,

I have a 2021 Crosstrek that is leased through a dealer. I took it in for auto body work and when I picked it up there was a chip in the windshield near the rearview mirror. It's really small, under a half inch.

I called the shop to let them know and they wanted to take a look at it. The shop said it could have happened there or anywhere, and that even if they fixed it it would still be blurry. I think they said they also only have aftermarket glass.

They do the body shop work for the dealer and are often sent cars from them. They also told me an inspector might not even notice (but I don't think that's true). The shop told me to call my insurance, so I did.

The insurance agent said the glass could be repaired but because it's near the rearview mirror (which has the eyesight camera) and it's a leased vehicle, that Subaru Motors Finance/Chase would also likely want the whole windshield replaced.

I'm not sure what to do: listen to my insurance company and have the dealer look at it? go to safelight and see if it becomes an issue when I turn it in? press the auto body shop to pay for it?
Because of Eyesight, the correct glass needs to be installed. Not in all cases, the camera also requires a calibration.

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