What did I do to my outback?

Jun 19, 2021
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So, I have a 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback, 2.2L, 5MT. It has had it's airbag light on for about a month and a half, so I looked up how to figure out what the code was. The online directions are super vague and basically say to find the right harness and jump some wires until the light flashes. Anyways, I found maybe 20 harnesses under the stearing collumb, and I think I got the right one, but I'm not sure, and when I jumped two pins on it I heard a short, and now my dashboard doesn't have power. I have no speedometer, rev gauge, check engine light, low fuel light, airbag light, etcetera. I have checked both fuse boxes and all the fuses seem good, what did I blow and how do I fix it?
You will need to test all the fuses to make sure they are good and getting power. Its possible you may of short a relay or resistor somewhere in the wiring. Id let a shop familiar with electrical look at it.

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