Subaru For Hunting Season/Wife

Aug 24, 2019
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I hope this is the correct forum.
My wife has been interested in getting a Subaru for awhile now. I own an F-250, but I would like to use the Subaru during hunting season, esp. deer season. I usually kill 8-10 deer per season and want a Subaru so that I can lay them across the hood. When they're that high above the ground they will be easier to pull up into the tree to skin/gut them. I know Subaru has a great reputation for general off road driving, and are great for family use.
Which Subaru would you fine members advise us to get?
Would the hood of the Subaru be that much higher than the bed of the F-250??

Maybe a few inches at best.

Get a 'hanger' for the 2" hitch on the 250 and you will be able to lift any deer.
Curious to know where you hunt that you can get 8-10 deer. Generally speaking, one deer per person per season is the norm in the western states.

Also, deer are not that heavy. Kill, gut on the ground, and one fully-grown man can lift into a truck bed or trunk. Elk would be a different story, but you didn’t mention them. Why are your deer so big?

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