Stereo issues including Bluetooth not working

May 31, 2020
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My BT stopped working on my 2017 Forester. Has anyone had this issue and more importantly did the service dept at the dealership do anything about it? ie. replace the stereo. That isn't the only issue I've had with the stereo. Recently the USB connection also stopped working. The stereo would not recognize my iPhone. I managed to resolve this issue by resetting the factory settings. Finally, there is a 2 to 3 second delayed response after I press any of the buttons, be it the power on/off button or any other button. I find this very frustrating because I power on the stereo and nothing seems to happen so I think maybe I didn't fully depress the button so I press it again only for the stereo to suddenly come to life and then immediately power off again. I was wondering if this is just "normal" with the Subaru stereo. Every other make of car I've used does not have this issue and the radio turns on immediately upon pressing the power button. Thanks.


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