Question on Radio in 2005 Outback Ltd. - Can it play MP3s?

Discussion in 'Subaru Outback' started by ismlv, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. ismlv

    ismlv Guest

    My mom just got an 05 Outback Wagon Ltd (not the LL Bean model, one down).... does anyone know if the CD player will play MP3s on CD? I want
    to make her some CDs for Christmas but if I don't have to convert the MP3s to regular audio, that'd be great- many more songs on the disc.
    I can't find it anywhere in the online manual and don't have easy access to her car to try it out.

    ismlv, Dec 2, 2004
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  2. ismlv

    LB Guest

    Of course not, no MP3
    Only audio CDs. And to top it off, you can not install after makert MP3
    player either (due to stupid intergated design).
    LB, Dec 2, 2004
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  3. ismlv

    J Warren Guest

    I just bought a 2005 Outback. The instruction manual has directions for
    three different audio systems, A, B, and C. They look nearly identical,
    but the C variation CAN play MP3's. The other two cannot. All claim to
    be able to play CD-R's and CD-RW's.

    I didn't know there were choices. Maybe there aren't really... But if
    you can find a C console, it will play MP3's.

    J Warren, Dec 2, 2004
  4. ismlv

    J Warren Guest

    I just took another look at the manual. If one of the main buttons on
    the radio is labeled "Text" you have the C variation that will play
    J Warren, Dec 2, 2004
  5. ismlv

    ismlv Guest

    Interesting.. thanks for the info. I'll have to look for the "text" thing when I go for a visit tonite.
    ismlv, Dec 2, 2004
  6. ismlv

    busterb Guest

    Wont't work. Subaru radios are the low low end. Your mom is stuck .
    busterb, Dec 2, 2004
  7. ismlv

    Napalm Guest

    Both of my 2003 Legacys will play MP3s - one is the 6-disc changer and the
    other is the bottom end CD player. I would be quite surprised if the 2005
    was a step back relative to their older stuff...
    Napalm, Dec 3, 2004
  8. ismlv

    J Warren Guest

    You're just flat wrong. Why do you keep denying this? The "C" radio
    instructions specifically state that it can play MP3's. What's your
    J Warren, Dec 3, 2004
  9. ismlv

    ismlv Guest

    Well, whatever this "C" is, my mother doesn't have it... guess I can always let her borrow the iPod! :)
    ismlv, Dec 3, 2004
  10. ismlv

    busterb Guest

    My 04 obw had the standard cd player and mp3 did not work. A kenwood
    head unit and some pioneer speakers and now it's a very good sound.
    busterb, Dec 3, 2004
  11. ismlv

    Kevin T Guest

    Interesting, as the factory player in my 04 TS plays mp3s ripped with Nero,
    no problem.
    Kevin T, Dec 3, 2004
  12. ismlv

    MattB Guest

    Sounds like you probably burned the MP3s as audio cd's, no? In that case
    they really aren't MP3s anymore.

    If you're burning data CDs with mp3 files on them you should be getting
    8-10 albums per cd. If you're burning audio format you only get 1-2
    albums per disc (74 to 80 Minutes).

    MattB, Dec 3, 2004
  13. ismlv

    busterb Guest

    Probably the esiest thing to do is burn a disc withg a couple mp3's
    and try it. If it works fine if not oh well another victim of
    integrated stereos
    busterb, Dec 3, 2004
  14. ismlv

    spratt Guest

    Well... Good luck on that too! THey neglected the accesorry inputs on the
    back! So, I have found finally, a good FM modulator that is hard wired for
    the Sirius and XM radio gizmo but, it works for the ipod too!

    spratt, Dec 13, 2004
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