Soltera questions

Feb 8, 2023
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Had a test drive in a Soltera yesterday and I was very impressed. One thing I did not get straight is the availability of 12V power ports. The salesman told me they don't have cigarette type plugs but have several USB which are low power 5V. I would want to run a transceiver in the car that draws up to 7 ot 8 amps at 12V is this possible? How do you plug-in 12 volt devices if it is?

Another general question. Most cars do not come with a spare anymore. So you are out on the road and get a flat. What do you do? Call AAA? How are thye going to fix it? Give you a temporary new tire and wheel? Tow you car? This seems extreme. A flat could cause you a great deal of trouble that could be avoided if you had a spare.
Add a fused 12V aftermarket ports front and back.
If concerned about a spare, purchase a steel wheel, correct tire with the matching aspect ratio and circumference.
Some people mount the tire on a swinging trailer hitch, roof rack or vertical mount within the interior.
Scissor jack and a few tools are required.
My Solterra does have a 12V Cigarette type port near the lower USB-C ports in the lower-open section of the center console, just below the gear shifter and closer to the driver-side. Not sure if it's a trim-level based option or not, but it's there.

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