Legacy head problem/question

Mar 5, 2023
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Hello everyone I am a newbie here and wanted to seek some help before I proceed. I recently purchased a 2007 Legacy 2.5 automatic with 133,000 miles on it. I just pulled the engine as it had a misfire on cylinder 3. It had only like 30psi of compression before pulling it out. My question is I took both heads off and turning the drivers side with a ratchet and socket the valves open like normal but on the passenger side when turning by hand the valves for cylinder 3 don’t even open at all. I will be taking the heads to a machine shop to have new valves and shaved but I want to find out if I need to pickup another head before I go to the shop as I don’t want to spend money if the head is junk and I can grab another to have the shop redo for me. It’s kind of weird that the cam turns but the valves don’t open, not sure what to look for. Bad lifter? Worn cam lobe?…. Thank you for the info in advance

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