Oil change accidentally drained cvt fluid does it affect warranty

Jan 13, 2024
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Hi folks,

Accidentally drained cvt fluid thinking it was oil drain plug (yes I saw all the videos warning about it after the fact). Also added new oil as well, but realised before driving or running 2018 outback that I drained the wrong fluid. I plan to have it towed to dealer but here’s my question:
1-would the warranty on the cvt (10 years) be affected or voided from telling subaru this took place? In theory since I didn't drive it, I feel it shouldn’t be an issue, but I am worried they might write what happened in their notes, and if ever it came to a warranty issue in the future, Subaru might say “sorry remember that time you drained cvt and added too much oil? Well that voided your warranty”. Looking to hear from possible subaru employees that are very familiar with warranties on cvt and subaru policies.
I would just fill the CVT transmission fluid and no harm no fowl. What momma don’t know won’t kill her.
That is not something you'd want the dealer to know about. Since you were able to take on the oil change why not just re-fill the CVT yourself? It's not that hard of a process and you'll be back in business with no one the wiser, other than yourself.

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