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    Oct 21, 2020
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    2009 Tribeca 3.6
    My son thinking he would help his dear old dad pulled #1 plug and determined the car needed new plugs. Auto zone got plugs AZ says will fit,
    Installed plugs... result... misfire cylinders 1, 4 &6
    So at 162,000+ miles I got all 6 new coils..result...4&6 still misfire
    Next replaced all 6 fuel injectors..result...4 still misfire
    swapped plug,coil and injector with working cylinder #5..result...4 still misfire
    changed plug end to coil on #4..result...misfire
    Any ideas on what a plug change could do to cause misfire or ????.. My son feels like crap, but he meant well. At 72 I still operate by if it ain't broke don't _____ with it!
    Check engine light flashes. My neighbor used his OBDII/EOBD+CAN to read failures as parts were replaced.
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    XXTEXX, Oct 21, 2020
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