LEDS to replace halogen headlights for 2021 Crosstrek

Apr 20, 2022
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I am wanting to replace the halogen headlights in a 2021 Crosstrek. Specifically, they are H11 low beam and 9005 for high Beam and would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions as to warranty conflicts etc.
I believe that my 2021 Crosstrek came with LED headlights - the ones that turn when you turn a corner and adjust automatically to, for example, a heavy load in the back. I wonder if you could install the OEM headlights?
Thanks for the suggestion; however, the cost of replacing the halogen assembly with an LED one, is prohibitively expensive - around @3000.00. Just replacing the bulbs is a cheaper option. As such, I am looking for suggestions from those who have changed the halogen bulbs with LEDs as to which one they chose.
I have the same question (and concerns about the entire unit replacement costs). I'm a newbie to Subaru, but have a '23 Crosstrek on order... So far, I've found this for the H5 but nothing from Amazon, at least, that guarantees to fit for the 9005. Not 100% sure about the '21 - you'd have to put what trim you have (didn't know that would matter for bulbs, but...).
i believe the base model 2022 uses h11 bulbs i'm thinking of upgrading because halogen bulbs suck IMO but my two previous cars 2002 E320 and Avalon both had HID lights both used DR2 BULBS I changed to 6000k on my avalon because had 2700k YUCK! they are very expensive to find any locally available replacements cheapest was about $100 but Amazon had several for under $30 and seems like prices have dropped i've had good luck with DMEX around $20 (as long as installed properly but are more forgiving than i thought they would be). i'm going to go with led bulbs because i don't want to deal with installing ballast and figuring out wear to mount them. the best option i've seen is morimoto 2-stoke 3.0 i think there priced around $160-$180 for set of two but worth it especially in cold climates and has great beam pattern on multiple styles of headlights both projector and reflector assemblies i might even upgrade high beams on the Avalon because their shitty halogen but i rarely use them because my HID low beams are good enough even on curvy poor lit roads even if left highs on when had on coming traffic(only couple times) no one has flashed lights at me but probably original bulbs that have lost brightness.

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