Lease repurchase fees - Canada

Jan 22, 2024
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My 3 yr lease was up last month. I called the dealer to arrange to buy the car and was told there would be a $170 inspection fee plus $800 documentation fee. I pointed out Paragraph 8 of my Lease Contract with Subaru Finance stated dealers may charge a maximum of $300 for this service. When challenged I was told I can take my business elsewhere. I discovered all the dealers in Vancouver and surrounds charge between $800 & $850 for this service, except for Coquitlam at $495.
Subaru Finance say they have no influence over dealers charges. Subaru leases are between their Finance arm and you, the customer, not the dealer who is an agent. I have a Barristers letter prepared claiming misrepresentation and breach of contract. If your lease is due to end soon, do point out Paragraph 8!
Can't you just deal directly with the leasing company? Here in NY I just bypass the dealers, who are not needed in the transaction, and buy the vehicle directly from the leasing company. I have to go re-register the car but that's about all there is to it and they have zero interest as to who's on the other end as long as they get their payment.

If financing is needed to directly to your bank and arrange it with them, all they need is the VIN and the purchase price to work with.

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