I need help/advice HVAC/Radiator 2019 Forester

Apr 28, 2023
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Hi I’m 18 and have this issue with my 2019 Subaru forester. The air conditioner/ heat constantly makes this annoying clicking noise. Annoying but fine. Well eventually the vents in the driver side now range from 5-10 degrees warmer than the passenger side. I’m talking passenger side is 48 degrees driver side is 60 degrees. I’ve taken it to my mechanic 4 times paid hundreds in diagnostics just for him to not be able to find anything. His new idea is to just start replacing parts til something clicks. I don’t love that idea.

If you’ve experienced this please let me know on what it could be. Every time there’s a possibility of something the part always looks fine and nothing wrong with it.
Find another "mechanic" that doesn't drag the knuckles on the pavement.
Find a "Technician" have has a modern Subaru Scan Tool.
At the HVAC control module, the movement of the blend doors and temperature monitoring can be viewed and in some cases, reset the HVAC control module to "preposition" the blend doors to a factory setting.
The clicking noises are from one of the blend doors and or blend door actuator.
Check the interior "dust and pollen" filter for rodents or debris on the filter.
A dual temperature device can test / measure the temperature at the outlets within a few degrees compared to the scan tool.

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