HELP Ej251 Heads on a Ej25d block

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Trentolf, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Trentolf


    Aug 28, 2019
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    Vehicle: 2001 Subaru Forester L 5 speed manual
    Old engine: ej251 2.5l sohc
    Engine that was placed in: Ej25d from a 1999 Subaru Legacy outback (automatic trans), we took of the dohc heads and swapped on the old engines sohc heads
    When we did the swap we swapped the heads, Intake manifold/intake manifold harness, used Ej25d headgaskets for the extra thickness needed but I did not swap out the crankshaft timing gear because it looked identical to the old engines one
    I am having no check engine light (I’m guessing because the car hasn’t started)
    Also not getting spark and fuel which usually means crankshaft position sensor or the camshaft position sensor or the crankshaft timing gear was not replaced from the original engine.
    I am wondering if anyone can confirm that the 1999 Ej25d crankshaft timing sprocket is different then the ej251 crankshaft timing sprocket, I mean they look identical same amount of teeth on the back and everything, could it be that the Ej25d was an auto tranny?
    The car is cranking but will not start
    Any help or input would be amazing but I really need this running or I’m going to be forced to sell it and take a huge loss on money
    Trentolf, Aug 28, 2019
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