Fumoto oil drain valves

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by BBB, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. BBB

    BBB Guest

    The Fumoto oil drain valve people are offering a 15% discount through
    the end of the year. I'm posting their announcement here as a public
    service. Please let's not get drawn into another long discussion
    regarding whether these will drain the final eighth of an inch of oil
    from your oil pan.

    I will attest to the fact that they work, and also to the value of
    reading the supplemental instructions that state that the valve might be
    kind of tight the first time, so you are advised to open and close it a
    few times, possibly using pliers, before installing.


    Dear Valued Customer

    Thanks for your interest in Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve. If you have
    already purchased one, we are sure you have enjoyed using it for Quick,
    Easy and Clean Oil Changes.

    YM International Co., Authorized online retailer of Fumoto Engine Oil
    Drain Valve, wishes to provide you and your friends with a SPECIAL 15%
    DISCOUNT OFFER to thank you for your supporting our business and
    celebrate the Holiday Season.

    Using SVC5 as a discount code, you and your friends will get 15% OFF
    when ordering at online store: www.fumotovalve.com This Special Offer is
    for limited time only. Expiration: 12/31/03

    Thank you for your business and happy oil changing!

    Best regards,

    Yoshi Mizukami GM- YM International Co.

    P.S. Please take this oppotunity to send this unique product as a gift
    to your families and friends. They will be glad you did!!

    This offer expires December 31, 2003.
    BBB, Nov 16, 2003
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  2. BBB

    Gilles Gour Guest

    I have one. Excellent quality of construction and leak proof.
    The only drawback I find they have is as following.
    The first time I installed one on my 96 Legacy, the little locking
    lever was tucked behind the valve and I tought this was cool and
    probably bilt in at the conception stage.
    I had then to replace the oil pan and on the new oil pan, when the valve
    is properly torqued, the little lever is hanging down and could catch on
    something and maybe open the valve if I'm unlucky.
    I intend to use a tichker whasher at my next oil change.
    So if you buy one, have more than one washer to make an adjustement if
    Gilles Gour, Nov 16, 2003
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  3. BBB

    Edward Hayes Guest

    Fumoto valves do not drain all the oil unless modified. Look at
    www.Scoobymods.com to see how to modify the valve. I personally like the
    security of a oil drain plug. eddie
    Edward Hayes, Nov 18, 2003
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